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With Vinetrekker, you’ll experience the best wine, food, and landscapes that each region has to offer.

With a combined total of 85+ years of wine-touring experience, Vinetrekker is the specialist wine-touring company in Victoria, Australia.

A Vinetrekker journey is a leisurely paced, well-rounded exploration of the region with fine wine, fine food and other attractions that will complement your experience. We offer a selection of private and public, single and multi-day food & wine tours in our discreet and comfortable vehicles.

What Makes Us Different

Our team loves what they do: showcasing fine food and wine amongst beautiful landscapes. Just as vintners take care cultivating their grapes, we’ve maintained long-standing and friendly relationships with wineries across Victoria ensuring a warm welcome wherever we go.

While our daily tours follow a set itinerary, we are also happy to structure a personalised itinerary if you have your own private group. Most of our trips are with small groups but we also accommodate singles and couples as well. We offer flexibility, variety, and can tailor an itinerary and package to suit the experience you are looking for.

Award-Winning Service

Vinetrekker offers exceptional wine tours in Australia, providing an unforgettable experience for wine enthusiasts. With a focus on showcasing the country’s diverse and renowned wine regions, guests are treated to exclusive tastings of world-class wines and an immersive exploration of the winemaking process. Alongside the exceptional wine offerings, the service also boasts a culinary journey that complements the tastings with delectable dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

Guests can expect personalized attention from experienced guides, who lead them through picturesque landscapes and charming wineries, uncovering the unique charm and character of Australia’s wine culture. Overall, Vinetrekker delivers an unparalleled wine tour experience that celebrates the best of Australian viticulture and leaves visitors with cherished memories.

Hot air balloon floating across Yarra Valley vineyards

Where We Travel

Our public day tours operate to the Yarra Valley, north-east of Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula located to the south-east and the Macedon Ranges to the north. For private groups, day tours to Central Victoria, Sunbury and the Bellarine Peninsula as well as overnight trips to the Grampians and Pyrenees in western Victoria, the King Valley in north-eastern Victoria, and the historic Rutherglen region close to the New South Wales border, can all be considered.

Wherever you travel with Vinetrekker, we promise you a tour to remember.

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